Full-length play
Cast: 3 women

A bittersweet comedy that is an astute, snapshot sharp chronicle of the lives of three Texas girls. In 1963, Joanne, Kathy and Mary are aggressively vivacious cheerleaders. Five years later in their college sorority house, they are confronting their futures with nervous jauntiness. In 1974, they reunite briefly in New York. Their lives have diverged their friendship, which once thrived on assumption as well coordinated as sweater sets, is strained and ambiguous. Old time banter rings false. Their attempts at honest conversation only show they can no longer afford to have very much in common.

“Unnervingly funny…Fast moving, sneakily stinging dialogue.” – Newsweek “Uncommonly attractive.” – New York Magazine
Published by Samuel French, Inc.


Two related one-act plays

Cast: 2 women

The first play, PATIO, is set in the backyard of a middle-class Texas home. Pearl, the younger sister, is preparing a going-away party for her older sister, Jewel, a beautician who is bored with small-town life and is heading off hopefully to the big city. As the two bustle about setting out food and putting up decorations, their conversation reveals progressively more and more of their differences and dreams—and of the emptiness that has pervaded both their lives. (2 women.)

In PORCH, the two characters are an ill and crotchety old woman and her restless spinster daughter. As they sit on their ramshackle front porch, complaining of the heat, the meanness of the mother and the aching frustration of the daughter are made vivid through dialogue that, while frequently funny, is also unerring in capturing the quiet desperation that besets them both. (2 women.)

Offering tour de force roles for actresses, this pair of two-character plays provides contrasting, but equally incisive, studies of life in small-town Texas. While the Broadway production featured the same actresses in both plays, the roles can just as easily be divided among four performers. And the two plays, while fitting together smoothly as a double bill, may also be presented individually with equal effectiveness.